TV Series 医疗剧影集推荐 《The Good Do

#医疗剧影集推荐《良医墨非》The Good Doctor 剧中许多深刻的台词是我喜欢这部影集的原因 :

“I don’t understand why having someone to love is so important to everyone.” 

” I made a mistake. I make a lot of mistakes [….] You made a mistake. But mistakes are good. You should make more. You’re like me.” 

“Sometimes we are lonely, and we don’t even know it.”

“All of them make mistakes, and hopefully, all of them learn.”


“Why were you rude to me when we first met?” 

“Feelings change. I used to hate hugs.”



“The world is sad and very complicated.”  

” The truth is s-she left me. But I gave her good reason for that, so I got what I deserved.” 

“Why do you give such a damn about what I do with my life? “

“Anyone of us could have made the same mistake.” 

“I’ve lived. I’ve had decent jobs, and I’ve had jobs that went nowhere. Had a good roof over my head, and I’ve had that good roof taken away from me.I loved a girl, and I got married. The 20 happiest years of my life then she died. And now I’m alone and in pain.” 

” You’ve had some tough times, too, 28? Nobody understands what it’s like to be so good-looking and successful?” 


“We all die. If we accepted that, we’d be happier.”
“When people want you to do something they think is wrong, they say it’s reality.”

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